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Client Testimonials

A Johns

 I met Scott Taylor early 2000 the insurance company has denied me for no given cause like they do most people of color Scott Taylor heard my story and immediately jumped into action without Scott Taylor as our representative in the minority community and community of In justice of insurance companies insurance companies will keep on denying our rightful claims Scott Taylor is my Number one defender highly recommended

Snowy Mountains
J Hernandez

 After an arsonist burned my house down, West American Insurance Company accused me of setting the fire myself. They refused to pay me anything for the home or the stuff I lost. I went to Scott Taylor and we sued the insurance company. It was a long and hard fight, with the insurance company doing everything they could to make me look bad, but Scott Taylor was with me every step of the way. We took the case to Court and won a judgment for $178,000.00, and the Insurance Company had to pay all their fees. 

Business Meeting
Jerry & Debbie M

After a warehouse fire destroyed my family business and personal property, Valley Property and Casualty Insurance Company denied my claim. After the denial, it was a long fight, but they stuck with me every step of the way. They were a great help to me and my family through the whole process. My case went to trial, and the Jury awarded us $832,000.00 the maximum amount the could under the policy. The firm was awarded their attorney fees from the insurance Company and we could not have been happier with the job they did for us. 

Business Meeting
Wendilyn E

To quote the Tina Turner song, R. Scott Taylor is "Simply The Best...Better than All the Rest!" I count myself blessed to have come across Mr. Taylor when we needed help with an insurance law issue with a family estate we were administering. It has been a long haul, over ten years, but Mr. Taylor has been immensely patient, indefatigable, thoroughly professional, comprehensive in his understanding of insurance law, and -- what is most rare in attorneys -- genuinely caring and HONEST. He has garnered my HIGHEST recommendation.

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